Visitor Management

This system replaces the conventional system record with a process that is more accessible. It gives you access to monitor the visitors that enters your buildings, campuses, or other facilities. It is possible because the visitors, have to log in and therefore, the management can keep track of them.

Benefits of Visitor Management System

Generally, Visitor Management System increases an organization’s productivity and efficiency, below are the following benefits : 

Improve site comfort

The priority of an institution should be the safety and comfort of the working environment, the facility and the worker. This kind of security can only be achieved if the organization implements the visitor management system through eGenius Portal. The environment and facility will be a place where employees experience the comfort and good ambience while interacting with the students. 

Utilize visitor management software to establish a solid reputation.

A visitor Management System can help an organization build a strong brand reputation. A good system can create a good relationship between the employees and visitors. Good security management creates a good impression on the visitors who are coming to the institution. They know that your organisation take students’ safety very seriously and so does the management.

Efficient Site Control

eGenius Portal helps you control your site efficiently. Everyone inside the institution is detected, with the help of the Visitor Management System you are able to track anyone, who has left and entered the institute 

Site Security

Prevention of theft and vandalism can be done with the help of the Visitor Management System, the system keeps a tab open to monitor the employees and help in keeping track and make them more alert.

Cost Saving Solution 

One of the main benefits of the visitor management system, it is cost-saving and more efficient rather than the security solution that uses scanning technology. One of the excellence of this system is how flexible and scalable it is. The most important factor of this system is, that it is very flexible and scalable, therefore making the institution boost its efficiency.


With the number of advantages of the visitor management system, it is clear that this system is important. Not implementing it in your institution could possibly hamper the growth of your organization. eGenius presents the best solution to help your business operations with the best visitor management system. Keep track of the people who are visiting your institute, like people who are entering and leaving, the purpose of the visit and so on.