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Welcome to eReleGo Technologies Pvt Ltd

Innovation meets Technology

Established with a passion for transforming educational experiences,
eReleGo Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading force in the realm of Educational ERP, Advertising, CRM, Forms, and more.

About eReleGo

Get to Know Who We Are and What We Stand For


To lead as a globally recognized pioneer in highly efficient technology platforms, setting the standard for responsible and sustainable development.


Collaborate closely with clients worldwide to enhance user experiences on technology platforms, ensuring simplicity, convenience, and effectiveness across diverse cultures and regions.

Empowering Innovation - Welcome to eReleGo

At eReleGo, we’re more than just a business – we are a community driven by passion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Founded on the belief that every idea has the power to change the world, we strive to create impactful solutions that enhance lives and inspire progress.

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Meet the Powerhouse Behind eReleGo.

Trusted by Companies across the Globe

Here are some of the esteemed organizations we have had the privilege to work with, and their testimonials about their positive experiences with our services.

We are located at

eReleGo Technologies Pvt Ltd
646, 52, 12th Main Rd,
2nd Block, Rajajinagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010

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