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We, as a forward-thinking company, specialize in providing advanced solutions in the fields of AdTech, EdTech, and Business ERP. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data, eReleGo aims to address the unique challenges faced by businesses and organizations in these sectors

Publishers & Advertisers digital presence redefined

Munshify will stand as an ecosystem with a robust suite of products aligned to no-code philosophy

eGenius is an easier and better platform to manage educational activities​

Publishers & Advertisers
digital presence redefined​

eRGADX envisions a tomorrow where the digital revolution births boundless progress and innumerable possibilities

MUNSHIFY Low Code – No Code

Streamlining business with a cohesive no-code product ecosystem, empowering seamless operations and innovation.

Campus and Academic Automation System (CAAS)

It is an innovative, comprehensive and productive tool that helps you bring all activities of the campus under one digital portal – be it managerial, administrative, academic or extra-curricular


  • To lead as a globally recognized pioneer in highly efficient technology platforms, setting the standard for responsible and sustainable development.


  • Collaborate closely with clients worldwide to enhance user experiences on technology platforms, ensuring simplicity, convenience, and effectiveness across diverse cultures and regions.
  • Relentlessly advancing technological capabilities to enable seamless adaptation to evolving global challenges without disrupting clients’ daily business operations.
  • Maximize the value of products and services for organizations and their global users through close collaboration and feedback-driven innovation.

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eRGADX has been consistent at scaling up our Monetization. Follow ups, payments and interaction are the highlight. The Ananda Vikatan Group

Suresh C Digital Manager

eRGADX is one of the best platforms for Inventory monetization. Their account managers and operations team are quite supportive and fast problem solvers. One of the finest partners for us.

Anurag Srivastava Senior Manager, Amar Ujala

“Good and easy software with provision for customization, strongly Recommended.”

Arvind Gopinath- HOD Maharaja Education Trust

“I’m comfortable with eGenius software, tech person and in-charge person have helped us very effectively. Thank you so much.”


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A low code–no code platform is a visual development environment that enables users to create applications with minimal hand-coding, allowing for faster development and reduced reliance on traditional programming skills.

Low Code No Code simplifies the development process by providing visual interfaces and pre-built components, reducing the need for manual coding. Traditional development involves more extensive coding.

A Campus Management System is a software platform designed to streamline and automate various administrative processes within educational institutions, including student registration, course management, grading, and more.

Key features typically include student information management, course management, faculty management, attendance tracking, examination management, billing and fee management, and reporting capabilities.

AdTech platforms provide advertisers with advanced targeting capabilities, allowing them to reach their desired audience segments more effectively. They also offer tools for tracking and analyzing campaign performance, optimizing ad spend, and improving ROI.

AdTech platforms facilitate monetization for publishers by connecting them with advertisers looking to display ads on their websites or apps. These platforms provide access to various advertisers, automate the ad placement process, and often offer revenue optimization tools.

A partner program for accessing SaaS products is a collaborative initiative between a SaaS provider and external partners (such as resellers, consultants, or agencies) to promote, sell, and support the SaaS offering to customers.

Participants in a partner program can benefit from access to various resources and incentives, including sales and marketing support, training and certification programs, co-selling opportunities, revenue-sharing or commission structures, and technical assistance.