‘THE LAST SONG’ by Nicholas Sparks

Mostly set in Wilmington, ‘The Last Song’ by Nicholas Sparks is a book that speaks about different dimensions of love. Ronnie is heartbroken when she learns that her parents would divorce and when it happens she starts alienating herself from both of them, especially her father. 

One summer, her mother insists that she (Ronnie) and her little, 10-year old brother, Jonah, spend the holidays with her father. Ronnie’s father was a former concert pianist who now lives a quiet life in Wilmington, engaging himself in creating the centrepiece for the local church. Jonah is quite excited about spending the summer with his father whereas Ronnie is irked.

However, as the story unfolds things change. Ronnie experiences a change of heart.The myriad forms of love are well-depicted in the novel. We recommend reading this book that demonstrates “the many ways that deeply felt relationships can break our hearts… or heal them.”