Technology and Campus Safety by eGenius

The campus offers an environment where young minds can fully discover their potential and communicate their ideas. Today, campus security has become a major issue that can be resolved with technology. Both students and parents can feel at ease and secure with technology and campus safety working together.

Campus Safety 

The need to safeguard the college’s safety must be a top priority because campus security is now more crucial than ever. Parents, teachers, and students should all feel safe inside the premises. Utilizing technology to make campuses safer shouldn’t require a challenging level of difficulty because it is already a part of how students learn.

Student safety is a primary concern in all institutions. With this in mind, the administration has been attempting to implement numerous security mechanisms, such as,

  • Attendance Management
  • Real-Time communication between parents and teachers
  • Visitor management 

Attendance Management

To automatically track daily attendance in schools, an online attendance tracking system is developed. You can assess attendance more accurately if you have a reliable time and attendance monitoring system. The attendance management system keeps track of the daily attendance, working hours, and log-in and log-out times. This assures parents of their child’s safety on campus.

Real-Time Communication Between Parents and Teachers

On your smartphone, the eGenius school mobile app offers all the latest communication features. It enhances openness and parental participation in the educational process. The most latest news, events, fees, announcements, attendance, assignments, and other academic details are always shared with parents and students. In-app messaging enables the communication between teachers and students. The capacity of text message warnings to safeguard student populations has been far eclipsed by technology.

Visitor management

Simply put, you cannot allow the child to be picked up by any arbitrary third party on campus after the school has let out. The visitor management module enables the school to keep meticulous records of every guest. This aids in preserving student safety and maintaining a record of visitors to the school. Observe who enters and leaves your institution, who comes for what reason, and other information on the visitors.

Smart Security

Tracking systems based on RFID provide security. The tracking system uses RFID technology to collect real-time data, which it then sends to the Erp software for the school. At predetermined times, the software notifies parents. Software for school management that has this kind of security precaution is quite helpful.

Campus safety has increased as a result of all these actions. In order to keep tighter control over your physical and virtual environments and give schools a solid foundation so they can concentrate on the children, one of the most successful methods is to adopt an eGenius ERP system. Today, it is crucial for institutions to offer a secure learning environment for teachers, students, and staff. This not only improves the reputation of the institution and gives the students a safe and secure learning environment, but it also produces the best possible learning and teaching atmosphere.

Learning experiences for students already incorporate technology. And right now, the same technology is being applied to campuses around the country to guarantee the highest level of safety. Institutions keep enhancing campus safety by integrating new technologies into daily operations. Schools and colleges may continue to improve student safety through efficient communication and a variety of support techniques.

With the goal of offering the greatest and most cutting-edge solution for campus management and student safety, the eGenius ERP Software is a comprehensive package. The variety of solutions we offer has already benefited more than 300 institutions, and by providing parents and administrators with online integrated information about students, the ERP enables simple connectivity with strong security and privacy features, Thanks to Technology and Campus Safety. Quickly explore additional modules and get in touch with us via our Contact Us page if you represent a college, school, or PU and would like to see a free demonstration of our services.