Teacher’s Day

On September 5, people around the world celebrate and appreciate the value of teachers by observing World celebrate and appreciate the value of teachers by observing World Teacher’s Day. We have all come to appreciate teachers’ importance more over the previous 1.5 years. They have been at the forefront of efforts to guarantee that millions of kids around the world continue their education. Consequently, they are deserving of having a special day set aside for them. 

In order to highlight teachers and their issues, UNESCO first marked World Teacher’s Day in 1994. This day is observed in remembrance of UNESCO’s acceptance of the recommendation concerning teacher’s status in 1996, which upheld everyone’s fundamental right to an education.

In 1996, these suggestions were accepted. They discussed the duties and rights of teachers, as well as their accomplishments, training and education. These suggestions also addressed the elements of hiring, working, teaching and learning environments. These placed a strong emphasis on higher education, as did the 1997 recommendation Concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching personnel. Governments from all around the world have taken action to value Personnel. Governments from all around the world have taken action to value teachers in guaranteeing quality education for all after realising the importance of this recommendation.

Since most lessons have been taught online, it is obvious that the “fun” associated with Teacher’s Day has been lost. “ I hope that by the next Teacher’s Day in 2022, kids and teachers will be in our classrooms and life will be the same as it was before the pandemic.”

Says Vandana Lulla, principal of Mumbai-based Podar International school.

Teachers’ subject-matter delivery methods have changed as a result of online learning. Due to the shortened class periods, they had to simplify their course material and discard chapters they thought were superfluous.

During the pandemic, teachers have also mentioned how visitor management systems have helped them in keeping a track of students and staff. For institutions keeping a track of guests while they are present is just as crucial as recording their visit after they have left. Most often, schools, don’t thoroughly examine the security component and are frequently in the dark when there are intruders or security breaches. With a suitable visitor management system for schools in places, the institute can protect its faculty, students and all the databases kept in the society. This not only secures the location but also makes a favourable impression on both workers and parents. 

The purpose of Teacher’s Day is to honour and remember the teachers who have shaped us and to express our gratitude to them. We at eGenius express our gratitude and admiration to those renowned instructors who have earned our respect and esteem.