Online Admission Management

The growing number of applicants for admission is putting enormous pressure on the administrative staff at universities to manage and coordinate the admissions process manually. Manually handling each admission requires time from the original inquiry to the screening, shortlisting, and confirmation of the admission. It is currently challenging to carry out the process accurately and swiftly. As time goes on, it becomes increasingly important to adjust to developments in the education sector. The online admission management solution from eGenius automates the entire admissions process.

What is the Online Admission Management System?

The online admission management system, which enables admission personnel to record student inquiries, assess applicants’ eligibility, follow up, gather supporting documentation, and complete the application process online, makes it simple for educational institutions to manage the student admission procedure. Students can check the status of their applications, upload the documents required, and pay fees online at this portal.

This is meant to help both the administration and applicants for admission by providing a quick, easy, and straightforward way to store data and use them for references and subsequent actions.

Pre – Admissions

The module used to manage all admissions and application procedures at a facility is called pre-admission.

Features Of Pre-Admission:
  1. Offline Admission
  2. Online Admission
  3. Application Fee Collection/Online Payment
  4. SMS & Email Notification
  5. Reports

Offline Admission: 

Here, the applicant physically submits an application for admission by walking into the institution, and the admissions counsellor updates the applicant’s details in the ERP portal. By submitting the applicant’s data through the ERP, any errors in the paperwork would be removed.

Online Admission: 

On the school’s website, students can access the forms online. Only there can they complete and submit the form. The system will refresh the data and automatically take their form.

 SMS & Email Notifications: 

When necessary, an online notification can be sent via the admission management system portal’s SMS and email connection. For instance, if a student submits an application and it is approved or denied, the admission management system would send him or her an email and SMS confirmation right away.

Application Fee Collection with online payment

When an applicant’s application is submitted, a small registration fee must be paid through the admissions system’s integrated secure payment mechanism. Once the payment has been verified, a receipt is generated. 


Institutions can track the progress of the process and receive real-time reports on the students based on the information stored in the software. They can obtain a daily summary of the admissions process’ progress, be notified when an application is submitted, and use the ERP system to provide real-time analytics-driven reports on students’ admissions-related information.

Advantages of Online Admission Management System

  • Online automated software available around the clock – Because there is no time limit, processing times are shorter, hastening the admissions process for institutions. Eliminates geographic restrictions because applicants can submit forms at any time and from any location.
  • Management of student records and registration – Reduces manual work, guards against mistakes made by humans, and registers potential students immediately into the system.
  • Eliminate Additional Admission Paperwork – Puts candidate data directly into the platform rather than using old-fashioned admissions methods. It also handles their data more effectively without increasing their workload or paperwork.
  • Enhances productivity -Thanks to the online admissions procedure, institutions can now employ their human resources for other initiatives.
  • Student Portals –  Applications can be filled out at their convenience and courses can be chosen with the aid of a student portal.

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