Education, today, is not only about academic performance. Rather, it is a blend of creativity, innovation, intelligence and more with academics as well as co and extra-curricular activities at its core. With this comparatively novel development, there’s a particularly interesting question that’s been asked repeatedly, with concern and doubt, that is “Whether attendance affects the student’s academic performance?”

While none of the researchers has concluded with conviction that students’ attendance is a deciding factor in their academic performance, many studies have indicated that students who are more regular in academic sessions tend to perform better. However, as said earlier, it is not conclusive because recent trends also indicate that absenteeism among students, especially in Class XI and XII, is because many of them are a reason that it is more productive to study in the comfort of their homes than at schools and colleges.

Nonetheless, attendance indeed is one of the major factors that affect academic inputs and outputs in any educational institution. An example can be cited of the minimum attendance criteria required for appearing in the year-end or semester examinations. So, it becomes important to track, record, review and maintain records of student attendance. However, this is no easy task, especially with the sudden shifts in modes of education from offline to online and then from online to offline or hybrid modes in the past two years. This has necessitated a new system whereby the institution can efficiently track student attendance in classes, especially because, “A missed school day means a lost opportunity for students to learn.”

The eGenius Campus and Academic Automation System provides a comprehensive and innovative approach to simplifying this tedious and overwhelming task through the Student Attendance Management System. This system comes with several features, as listed below,
that help to track, record and review student attendance efficiently.

    Biometric Integration is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to track and record attendance. With the installation of fingerprint or face recognition systems to register clock in and clock out timings, it consumes a far lesser amount of time than when done manually. The integrated system works comprehensively and eliminates the repetition of the task for every class hour.
    eGenius CAAS’s Student Attendance Management System seamlessly integrates the student attendance within less than a day. It simplifies and speeds up the process of report generation by securely transferring the collected data to the appointed server for the purpose. It helps maintain an easily accessible, centralized attendance database system. It also helps to segregate the lists of students, as per set standards of regularity, as those who can and cannot appear for examinations.
    Another important feature of this attendance management system is that it provides an online portal for students to apply for leaves or to submit their leave applications before or after their absence.
    The system also includes a feature that sends real-time reports or notifications to the parents about the absence or delayed entry of the concerned student. It also assimilates the everyday data to send a cumulative report to the parents by the end of the month. This helps the parents
    to effectively track the child, too.


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