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Ways to Increase App Revenue 2023-2024

In the dynamic environment of mobile apps, monetization has always been the primary goal of app developers and publishers. As the market becomes more competitive,

What is Ad Fraud? | Protection Against Ad Fraud

eRGADX and Double Verify Join Forces! However, with this, increased opportunity comes an increased risk of ad fraud and other types of invalid traffic. This

How will CTV affect Global Market in 2023?

In 2023, experts anticipate that the global market for CTV will continue its growth. Increasing adoption of streaming services and a growing number of connected

What is the Google Marketing Platform

The Google Marketing Platform is an integrated ad technology platform that gives advertisers and agencies the ability to plan, execute and build successful digital marketing

Ad Networks Vs Ad Exchange

The programmatic advertising ecosystem consists of two parts: Ad networks and Ad exchanges. People often use them interchangeably because of their role in media buying.

Google Search ads vs Search Ads 360

A platform called Google Adverts (formerly known as Google AdWords) makes it possible to handle paid text ads on the Google Search Engine. Advertisers can

Private Marketplace and Programmatic Direct

For the most seasoned marketers, the online advertising sector is crowded with a variety of media-buying strategies, making it more and more challenging to understand.

What is Ads.Txt?

Authorized Digital Sales, also known as Ads.txt is an IAB technology that ensures to sell our digital ad inventories through sellers such as Adsense, who