Many of us might have heard and come across this message that says, “Don’t tell your son that ladke rote nahi, rather tell him ‘ladke rulate nahi’”

But have we ever thought that maybe somewhere down the line, we have always got the entire perspective wrong? Why is it that we only showcase women as being preyed on by the evils of society, while men have to silently endure the injustices they face? Why is it that we only portray how strong a woman is for overcoming hurdles and succeeding when we fail to protect a man who continues to crumble under the pressure of similar taboos society has put on this gender? Why do we fail to realize that equality is not about degrading others but rather about upgrading ourselves?

In 2018, statistics indicated that every day an average of 250 Indian men succumbed to pressure and committed suicide. But we seldom talk about this. This is just one facet of the multifaceted problem. We also have false accusations on grounds of harassment and violence, set standards of manly behavior, etc. to add to this.

It is indeed high time that we ponder the question that, as either men or women or any person, why’d we need to be strong if it is not to protect the ones we care about and love? Treat everyone who matters to you equally well. Reach out to them when they are in need.

As November comes to an end, let us not draw curtains on what this month stands for – Men’s Mental Health.