Key Metrics in Digital Marketing: Track everyday Digital Marketing Activities

It is possible to track all different kinds of digital marketing operations using digital metrics. Learn more about the metrics in digital marketing in this article.

What are Ad Requests?

An ad request is a message that the user’s browser sends to the ad server asking the publisher to show an advertisement. When a user visits a website, the browser sends page content requests to the publisher’s server. When the publisher’s server satisfies the criteria and starts producing HTML page content, it sends a request back to the publisher’s ad server asking it to fill the ad space on their page.

What are Impressions?

An impression is the number of times an advertisement appears in the search results. Regardless of whether it is clicked or not, every time an advertisement displays on the search results page, it counts as having been seen. Guidelines for cost per mile (CPM) are used to determine the cost of impressions. The marketer can find out from the impression data how many people watched the advertisement on a certain platform.

What is an Unfilled Impression?

An ad request is submitted to the ad server when a user views the landing page of a publisher. The ad server then routes the request to bidders. If the impressions don’t meet the advertiser’s goals, the bid is not made. The ad spot is now empty, and a blank ad appears.

What are CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, and CTR?


A person viewing an advertisement 1000 times results in a cost per mile known as the cost per 1000 impressions (CPM).


The average number of times a person clicks on an advertisement is known as the cost per click (CPC), which enables the budget and effectiveness of the campaign to be assessed.


Advertisers who use the CPA technique only pay when a sale, download, or other sort of acquisition is made.


The Cost Per Install (CPI) mechanism compensates an advertiser when a customer downloads an app after clicking on a particular ad. The CPI is calculated by dividing the entire amount spent on advertising by the total number of installs.


In contrast to ad spend, which is gauged by CPM, CPC, and CPA, ad effectiveness is determined by click-through rate (CTR). The CTR is computed by dividing the number of times the advertisement was shown by the number of clicks it received.

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We at eRGADX, pay a lot of attention to the metrics, be it for our publisher clients or for our digital marketing clients. Metrics are critical in determining a campaign’s success rate. They are also very important for publishers because they aid in calculating the estimated revenue that is generated and could be generated if optimizations were implemented.