Independence Day 2021 – Also marking the liberation of the education system

For the first time since the inception of modern education in this country, there’s a wind of change. Sure, the education system has evolved with the country’s progress, but the good old academic excellence mantra has yet to remain static despite the many accusations against it from students and parents of students. Finally, however, the striking developments in the professional sphere and the culture shock that students face during the transition from education to career caught on and inspired the drafting.
and implementation of the New Education Policy 2020. It will take a couple more years for the new ideas to take concrete shape, but it’s a start that we can all get on board with. The skill component takes the forefront in this new vision of a futuristic education, followed by an expansive choice of subjects to pursue for students. The degrees awarded post the implementation of NEP 2020 will be termed Bachelor of Liberal Arts, as opposed to Bachelors in specific streams of education.
However, state governments hold the power to make amendments to the proposed ideas based on the requirements of their population. What we can be confident of is that the accusation of the system being a rat race will no longer hold true. Every individual will have a diverse yet clearly paved path to pursue what truly interests them; which is nothing short of revolutionary for a student base as strong, diverse, and intelligent as India’s. It is a massive challenge for educational institutions indeed, but the prospect of liberating the system from an age-old method that is rapidly growing obsolete is empowering. ERP solutions by eGenius are customized with an intended understanding of the futuristic, NEP-based education system.