Asset Management – How is it helpful?

The quickest and simplest approach to creating and keeping an accurate asset register is with asset management software. Asset management software is being implemented in the educational sector to solve issues and guarantee that all assets are available to students and staff, that key assets are used to the fullest extent possible and are essential for day-to-day operations, and that all asset and equipment data is stored through one precise asset register.

What is eGenius Asset Management Software?

Asset management is a module used to oversee the movement and management of assets within a single institution.

With the aid of eGenius, you may increase productivity, cut down on maintenance expenses, and make more accurate strategic decisions. You can simply track, manage, and audit your assets and inventory, making it simple to manage a school asset registry. The fact that eGenius offers the finest in mobility, centralization, sophisticated reporting, and other features in a single cloud-based platform makes it the finest ERP software available.

Features of Asset Management


There are four different types of header settings in Asset Management, and headers are a component of configuration. As you add an asset, you will have access to these field options.

  • Location
  • Sub Location
  • Campus
  • Category

Location: Any school or college with branches in several areas should choose this option to add all of the institution’s sites.

Sub-Location: The capability to add a campus-wide region, area, or location falls under the primary location. A campus might serve as the setting, and a library, office, lab, etc. might serve as the sub-setting.

Campus: Here, you may add every campus name associated with the institution.

Category: This is the section of the asset where the items will be added.

Item Management

This feature allows you to add a new item or asset to the Asset Management database.

Item Purchase

This module allows users to make purchases from a database of goods that have been added using Item Management.

Asset Movement

This module controls how assets are moved.

Internal Movement

This is for moving items within the institution and includes moving to other campuses & locations too

External Movement

This is the option where any asset/item is moved outside the institution


The choice to accept the return of goods or assets that were issued utilizing asset movement is provided here.

Maintenance Service

This module allows you to keep track of all the upkeep work performed on your assets.

Disposal Record

This module is used to dispose of any asset that is damaged beyond repair, no longer needed, and not useable.


The report kinds that can be generated by this module are given below:

  • Vendor Report
  • Asset Movement Report
  • Asset Report
  • Maintenance Report
  • Disposal Report
  • Deleted Asset Report

What are its Benefits?

Asset management is put into place in schools so that staff can guarantee that each student and employee has access to the assets they need. With Asset Management Software, schools are able to reduce spending on the replacement of lost or stolen assets. Making sure all essential resources are working at their highest potential is crucial to maintaining the seamless operation of educational activity.  

  • Cut back on the number of manual asset audits
  • Monitor the usability of school resources
  • Manage the whole inventory of a school in an economical and efficient manner
  • Simplifies tasks and work orders
  • Improves your financial choices
  • Boosts the Effectiveness of Record Keeping
  • Send reports between departments
  • Maintain a single, centralized asset register for all data.

Multiple schools benefit greatly from the asset management solution from eGenius. Our cloud-based school asset management software gives you the power to control many locations from a single, central location. provides access from any portable device for on-the-go checks and updates. Choose from eGenius’ modules for a wide selection of modules. See what is included by requesting a demo.